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Dog with Toy


How many sessions do I need to go through basics as sit, down, leave it, drop it, come?

It depends on many factors! Dogs just like us are all learning differently! I would suggest to have 2-3 sessions to start with and see how we progress! Usually 4-6 sessions are enough to have a solid base and you can easily continue training yourself as at that time you will know all the mechanics and principles of working with your pup!

What do I need to bring on our lessons?

Please bring a high value treats with you to every session! I will have treats with me as well just in case!*

Have a harness on your dog with a regular leash 6-8 ft (no retractable leashes please!)

Poop bags;

Great training mood!


I just adopted a dog and don`t know where to start. 

I work with rescues since mid 2022 and I would love to help you out! 

First, check how housetraining is going; Reach out if you have troubles! 

Second, decompressing takes up to 3 months, so be patient!

Third, start from building trust; Play sessions, cuddles (when dog wants it, without forcing); give treats, kind words, love and care;

Forth, start from basic obedience training + leash walking if needed! 

Please reach out to me for personalized training plan!

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