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Kind Dog Trainer

Using positive training may lead to well behaved and happy pup!

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Hello friends! My name is Alina Khuzhina! I am a Certified Dog Trainer and I love what I do! Currently I offer In-person sessions in Cleveland, OH & online all over the world! I graduated from Catch Canine Trainers Academy which is one of  the best in the industry.
Being able to help dogs was always something I wanted to do as a kid.  Finally, I am where I am and ready to help You and your furry friend with whatever you are struggling with. 

My specialties lie in helping rescue dogs and their families to build strong and healthy relationship, making the transition from shelter/stray-life to home-life smoother as much as possible for both parties. I love working and transform dog`s behavior and it`s truly magical to see the change! 

Please be aware that I DON`T work with e-collars, shock-collars, prong-collars, choke collars and etc. (If you`d like to know "why?", please contact me by submitting form)

I work using force-free, positive reinforcement  training only! I want your dog to succeed and live a happy life! :)

Interesting facts about me:
- I volunteer at City Dogs Cleveland;
- I was born & lived 20 years of my life in Chelyabinsk, Russia;
- I do speak Russian;
- I moved to US in 2016;
- I have 2 cats - Sweet Pie & Garage;
- I collect & love plants;
- I Love to bake sweets!

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