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Please book a Free Phone/Video call to see if we`re a good match! 

My Services:

Consultation: Free 15 minutes consultation to see if we`re a good match. Go to Book Online to schedule.

Private In-Person session.
I offer one session ($70/hr)/ pack of 4 sessions ($250)/ pack of 6 sessions ($370)/pack of 8 sessions ($490)

Private Online session.
I offer one session ($60)/pack of 4 sessions ($200)

Two weeks day training.
I train your dog and have 2 follow up sessions to transfer all the handling & knowledge skills to you. This course has 10 private sessions with your dog + 2 follow up sessions with your pup & you. Each sessions is 1-1.5hrs long. ($950)

Reactivity. Dog`s behavioral modification.
Course of 6 in-person sessions($370)


Alina - dog trainer with a dog Rocket playing tug game

My Service

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