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Dog Waving Paw

I adopted a dog.
What do I do next?

Congratulation to you on adding a new family member! It is such a happy event for you and your rescue pup! As we all know adopting a dog is very emotional and special. You just saved a life, so "YAY" to you! Now you have someone who will love you no matter what and always be by your side.
Working with rescue dogs is very special for me as I know how much they need our help. While I volunteer at Cleveland Animal Control as a dog walker and trainer, I also provide private dog training lessons for once who got adopted and already went home. 

I can help you with:
-Decompression plan. DO`s and DONT`s;
-Introduction to your other dogs/cats;
-Basic & Advanced obedience training;
-Building Strong & Healthy relationship;
-Leash walking;
-Crate Training and more.

All the pups who got adopted get a special price on the lessons. Look forward to hear from you! 

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